Aris Dinh Exceeds Expectation with an Early Debut

Mississauga, ON Canada, Tuesday May 22, 2018 -  Aris Dinh joins Toan and Maria as their second son, one month ahead of the expected arrival date. 

Aris definitely exceeded expectations, now sharing the same birthday as his brother, Ken Dinh.

The family is thrilled to have Aris onboard.  He comes with a fresh perspective that will challenge their thinking and sharpen their patience.

With Ken taking the lead on our first three family core values, we are excited for Aris to lead the fourth - Add Value.
— Maria & Toan, Founders

The team will be laser-focused on scalability and sustainable growth which implies more long-term investments and strategic decisions.  More programs and opportunities will be put in place to foster a higher level of internal engagement, happiness, and health.

To foster a culture that can withstand even the toughest of times, while accelerating growth, there will be substantial investments towards personal development over the next three years.

These five core values remain as the Dinh families definitive operational guide, shared again below for reference.


Our 5 Family Core Values


Our first and foremost family core value.  Be kind to others and to yourself.  Unconditionally treat people with a good heart while being considerate and thoughtful.


Good is the enemy of great.  We simply refuse mediocrity.  We constantly make exceeding expectations a common theme in every interaction - everyday.  We get excited about any opportunity to create a "WOW" moment.


Live in the moment.  Appreciate what we have now and the people who love us today.  We try not to worry about things we can't control and be passionate about every minute we share with someone.


Be selfless and unconditionally add value to others.  We make it a habit to seek opportunities to assist and enable those around us. We fundamentally believe that in order to be successful we must be resourceful.


Attitude is a choice. We wake up choosing to have a positive attitude and to inspire those around us.  We take actions, big and small, to follow through on our intentions. 

Thank you, everyone, for reading our update and we hope you smiled while doing so.  We will be forever grateful if you extend the same love and care that you have for us to Aris as he grows up to be a rockstar.
— Toan & Maria was registered as part of this press release.